Which Mutual Fund scheme provides periodic repurchase facility to investors?

  • Close-ended Scheme
  • Open-ended Scheme
  • Balanced Scheme
  • Interval Scheme

Equity Oriented mutual fund Scheme is also called as___________

  • Income oriented
  • Growth oriented
  • Long term oriented
  • All the above

The investor who wants regular and steady income should invest in which mutual fund?

  • Equity Based Mutual Fund
  • Balanced Fund
  • Debt based Mutual Fund
  • Gold Fund

Which fund invests exclusively in the dated securities issued by the government?

  • Balanced Fund
  • Liquid fund
  • Debt fund
  • Gilt fund

A mutual funds performance is best measured by:

  • Yield and capital gains distributions
  • Net Asset Value
  • Price appreciation and net asset value
  • Total return

Which type of mutual fund has generally offered the best protection against inflation?

  • Equity fund
  • Money market fund
  • Hybrid fund
  • Liquid Fund

According to SEBI Regulations, ____________ of the directors of Trustee Company or board of trustees must be independent?

  • Half
  • One third
  • Two thirds
  • One fourth

_____________ reassures the investors of mutual funds that the mutual funds function within the strict regulatory framework

  • SEBI
  • AMFI
  • IRDA
  • RBI

In which option are dividends not paid out to the unit holder but directly invested in the scheme and reflected in NAV of the units?

  • Income Option
  • Growth Option
  • Dividend payout Option
  • Dividend Re-investment Options

When was permission given to private sector funds including foreign fund management companies to enter Mutual Fund in India?

  • 1994
  • 1987
  • 1990
  • 1993