Indian Mutual Fund industry is well regulated by__________

  • RBI
  • SEBI
  • Banks
  • Issue Company

A initial period offer made of fixed price units when a new scheme is launched by a fund house is called________

  • IPO
  • NFO
  • ETF
  • Right Issue

Which fund invests predominantly in safer short-term instruments?

  • Income Fund
  • Liquid fund
  • Gilt fund
  • Debt fund

Net Asset Value(NAV) of debt oriented mutual fund scheme is effected by____________

  • Fluctuation in equity market
  • Change in interest rate
  • Debt based Mutual Fund
  • All the above

Where was first mutual fund established?

  • Europe
  • America
  • India
  • Africa

Which was the first public sector mutual fund to be set up after the Unit Trust of India?

  • SBI Mutual Fund
  • LIC Mutual Fund
  • Canbank Mutual Fund
  • BOB Mutual Fund

What is the full form of ETF ?

  • Exchange Traded Fund
  • Energy, Time, Frequency
  • Employment And Training Fund
  • None of these

What is the full form of NAV?

  • Nortan Anti Virus
  • Net Asset Value
  • Navigation
  • Nominal Asset Value

The ____ is determined by taking the total market value of all securities held by the mutual fund, subtracting out any liabilities, and dividing this result by the number of shares outstanding.

  • Asset Ratio
  • Net Asset Value
  • Market price
  • Current Ratio

UTI was setup by whom?

  • SEBI
  • RBI
  • IDBI
  • SBI