What are all the important documents one should check before buying any property?

Before settling with a property deal carry out elaborate due diligence procedures to verify necessary documents. Most important ones are:

1. Ownership documents

i. Title deed

Ask to see original title deed. It is the legal document showing ownership of property. You can also verify ownership by checking telephone and electricity bills. These are issued in the owner’s name.

ii. NOC from other owners, if any

If there are multiple owners ask for No Objection Certificate from each of them.

iii. NOC from society

In order to ensure the owner has not left behind unpaid bills get No-due certificate and NOC from housing society.

iv. Discharge certificate

Especially if the owner cannot produce original title certificate it might mean that the property is mortgaged. Even if assured he’s done with loan dues ask for bank’s original discharge letter.

2. Construction-related documents

i. Commencement certificate

This is given to the builder after he gets all requisite approvals for the project

Verify if the building plan and layout have been approved by an architect and local municipal authorities. These are to be kept in the builder’s office. In case he is unable to produce them better avoid the deal.

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