Why Fintotal? Why not my broker/agent or Wealth Manager?

There are several reasons:
  • Conflict of interest – Many people use their broker or Wealth Manager to get advice, and for execution. Since these intermediaries make their money from commissions, they typically only recommend products that make them most money. And almost disclose to you what they make from you. We provide unbiased advice - you may use your broker for execution thereafter.
  • Education and knowledge – A broker or Wealth Manager has little interest in seeing you develop your own skills of knowing about your finances and evaluating products. After all, this could often go against products they recommend. In the long run, this handicaps you and impedes your own awareness about your finances, and makes you more dependent on them. There is really no substitute to knowing atleast the basics yourself and having ability to come to independent judgements and decisions.
  • Non-investment products – Personal Finance is not only about investing! It is about planning your life, taking decisions on purchase of assets like house or car, thinking about retirement, etc. Rarely have we seen brokers and agents pay more than lip service to these important dimensions. Instead, these are used to only sell more products (often high cost)

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