How will this GetRight program help you?

Wrong approach in your financial life or investing in inappropriate products can cost you dear. For example if you invest Rs 10,000 every month in a traditional life insurance policy you may get a maturity value of Rs 45 lacs at the end of 20 years. If the same Rs 10,000 is invested in a growth asset you may end up with Rs 1.35crs at the end of 20 years.

GetRight program is designed to bring your financial life to a corrective path. GetRight will contain all the components that will help you lead a successful financial life.

GetRight will understand your goals and aspirations and provide a path to achieve them. It will contain reviews and recommendations on your existing investments, policies, assets etc.

Broadly GetRight program will contain guidance on your lifestyle, life insurance, health care, tax planning, loans management, goals achievement etc.

On the other side, it is big worth paying for getting the right guidance. Here is a quick list of possible benefits of good guidance

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