What is the validity of Getright program?

It is valid for one year.

Will it involve any face to face meetings?

No, primarily all the guidance will be delivered via emails. Other communication will happen over telephone. Need be you can visit our office.

What about data confidentiality and privacy?

We take utmost care on confidentiality and privacy matters. We as a company give top priority to safety and security of data. We will use best methods and measures to ensure all security standards are maintained.

Our assurance:

  • Not disclose your personal information in any form or way to third-parties
  • Not contact you through any medium (SMS, phone, email, meeting) without your express permission
  • Use your information only on a need-to-know basis even internally, to deliver the right kind of content, advice and handholding that you are comfortable with

We acknowledge that privacy and confidentiality of data has been particularly poor in India. Indeed, we have been victims of this as individuals ourselves. But we honestly wish to change this state of affairs, beginning at home (our own organisation) first.

Can I directly buy products from you?

We are not distributing any products. You need to buy products through other channels.

In that case I may end up paying commissions there

We will recommend channels and products that will by-pass the agency route. For example now-a-days insurance can be bought online without paying any additional commissions. Similarly mutual funds can be invested directly without any distributor interface.

Is my money safe with you?

We do not take custody of your money. We are only providing you the necessary knowledge, advice and tools to help you make the right decisions with your money. We do not have our own products that we will need to take your money to invest into.

What returns can you deliver?

Clichéd though it may sound, our offering is not about a single-dimensional focus on returns. Nor do we offer stock tips. In any case, returns are often a function of market conditions.

But yes, we do make sure your money works for optimally. We also offer full transparency and enable you to see how exactly you have done, and who makes how much money in your process of investing.

What stuff do you offer free?

Most of our education, product evaluation and news analysis are offered free in fintotal.com. But if you wish to get customised content, advice and handholding support, you need to sign-up for our Getright program.

My agent tells me something different from what I have learnt here. Whom should I trust?

In general, you should trust someone who doesn’t have anything to gain or lose from the transactions you make. Otherwise, you will end up getting biased advice. In fact, this is the reason we have a separate membership course, and do not our money from brokerage and commissions earned on your transactions.

Sometimes, though, judgement can differ between people; even if both are genuine and unbiased. After all, the future always carries that element of uncertainty and risk. This is where your own awareness and knowledge are especially important. You can then take a final call that is in your best interest, and maybe also take steps to minimise damage if things do not go your way.

Can I not just search on Google for any information I need? Why should I come to Fintotal?

For one, it is difficult to get reliable, updated and comprehensive information on your specific needs, through a generic search. Often that information may be incorrect, outdated or not India specific.

Even more frequently, you don’t even know what specifically you are looking for! You may want some investing suggestions, or take a primer on medical insurance. You would almost never find such needs met in a generic search, or even in a standard theory book.

Do you provide stock tips?

No! We do not believe stock tips constitute a useful Personal Finance offering, nor do we believe people can sustainably increase their Wealth that way. We do, however, help you with stock fundamentals for long term holding.

What minimum net worth do I need to have to sign up?

Nothing! As long as you feel the need to think about your future and plan for it, you would find our Getright program valuable. There are a certain set of basic things every individual needs to know and do, whether he/she is middle class or rich.

I do not have a finance background. Can I sign up or understand your material?

Whether you are new to this field or are a finance wizard, the guidance you get fit your bill perfectly!

Can you answer my specific queries?

Yes! We will use the online and phone media to answer your specific queries on Personal Finance.

If I take sign up for Getright, do I need a separate Wealth Manager or Chartered Accountant?

Most often, no. Only if you have very specific requirements (e.g. multiple currency taxation in case of NRIs, business income, etc) would you need the assistance of an expert separately.

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