How to Invest in Gold without Actually Buying Gold

This video from explains why Gold is an integral part of your investment and on how to invest in Gold without actually buying Gold coins or bars.

Gold is one of the assets along with equities and real estate that are capable of growing your investments above the inflation rate in the long term. You cannot avoid being exposed to these asset classes if you hope to stay above inflation level in the long term, say ten to fifteen years down the line

There are ways to take part in the price movement of gold without physically holding it. Gold mutual funds, gold ETFs and e-gold are interesting vehicles that help to achieve this. All the issues with physical gold are resolved in these. 

We love to move with the times and technology. We've shifted from fat CRT TVs and big antenna cell phones to sleeker gadgets. We have loved the results. More can be achieved in shifting from traditional methods of gold investment to the evolved ones. So the next festival time or occasion refrain from buying more physical gold than you'd use and create a robust investment portfolio by periodically investing in gold mutual funds or gold ETFs.

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